Propofol Dreams - icon artwork by Dr Selene Tan @drselenesketches

Propofol Dreams

Precision TIVA.
Minimal Waste.
Free Forever.

A simple app designed to help anaesthetists reduce propofol wastage during TIVA

Propofol is one of the most commonly wasted drugs in the operating room.

Up to 50% of the propofol drawn up is actually unused and discarded. This poses a significant environmental problem as propofol is toxic to the aquatic environment, bioaccumulates up the food chain and does not degrade readily in nature.

Propofol Dreams can help reduce your propofol wastage.

Propofol Dreams empowers anaesthetists and reduces unnecessary drawing up of propofol by estimating the volume required for a given case.

Volume Mode

Volume Mode estimates the volume of propofol required for a given case based on the TCI model, patient parameters and the estimated duration of surgery. This guides the volume of propofol one should draw up at the beginning of a case.

Duration Mode

Duration Mode estimates how long a syringe of propofol will last at the current infusion rate. This guides the volume of propofol one should draw up in the middle of a case.

EleMarsh Mode

TCI Mode

Let’s improve together!

We are extremely passionate about environmental sustainability in anaesthesia and we hope to empower anaesthetists in the fight against climate change through technology.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to make Propofol Dreams better, please email

Thank you and happy Propofol Dreaming!

Important Note: Propofol Dreams is designed for the purposes of education and environmental sustainability only. It is not a dosage calculator and does not give advice about the clinical care of patients. Propofol Dreams cannot be used to replace infusion pumps or clinical judgment.